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How do you feel about home design?

Are you strong enough to say that you are professional here?

I faced one problem while learning feng shui: home interior design. I knew colors that I need to use, fabric, directiona but I had no clue how to organize all this knowledge to comfortable home design. So I decided to have a small investigation about home interior design classes.  They might be very helpful in improving your life: love, life, any relations, etc. Just try to take home interior design classes and add this knowledge to feng shui. I think this would be a perfect combination of two sciences.

Let’s start from home interior design class #1


They have 100% online course. That’s a huge plus for those who don’t have a chance to arrive to UK. No classrooms, no timetables – you study where and when you want to.

They also have free home interior design class: http://online.rhodec.org/login/index.php.

You just need to signup and you would have two courses available from your accont:

  1. Free home interior design class. I am waiting for Enrolment key from Jenny. Hope she sends it soon.
  2. Home interior design class for 125Pounds.

If you prefer to study interior decoration courses and interior design programs by more traditional methods, Rhodec International offer an Introductory Interior Decoration Course, a Professional Interior Design Diploma Course and an accredited BA Course in Interior Design by distance learning using printed manuals and a CD ROM.

Home interior design class #2


I found a lot of interesting courses there. Let’s start from special presents that they offer:)

Free catalog and a Free Tuition Discount Certificate! I like such free options.

The second surprise for me was the Feng Shui Interior Design Course. To tell the truth, I didn’t know that such courses are available:) Hope they really offer good knowledge in both fields: home interior design and feng shui.

You can also see other interesting courses from Sheffield here:


By the way, they are from New York.

Home interior design classes #3-9

Here are top 10 home interior design schools that offer online and traditional home interior design classes and courses:

  1. Florence Design Academy. (Italy) florencedesignacademy.com
  2. The Interior Design School (London, UK) theinteriordesignschool.co.uk
  3. Iaad (Italy) http://www.iaad.it/n_eng/index.php
  4. Vcad – Vancouver CollegeofArt&DesignVancouverCampus (Vancouver, Canada) http://www.vcad.ca
  5. Lorenzodemedici – the Italian Institute (again italy) lorenzodemedici.it
  6. Fashion institute of technology (NY, USA)
  7. New York Institure of Technology (NY, USA) – nyit.edu

I would make it easier, and the third link would be for

Home interior design classes #10-110

Top 100 home interior design classes and courses in the World!


Home interior design is a useful topic. If you want to live in harmony and more comfortable you need to know home interior design tips. Home interior design is a great addition to Feng Shui knowledge. For example, your home interior design specialist offers a mirrored tile and you know that it’s bad according to feng shui, so you will refuse and continue living happily. But when home interior design courses explains how to combine colors and textures and you already know your favourable color, then you would have twice effective usage of such knowledge. You will add colors according to feng shui and you would use them in your room according to home interior design class.

Good luck!


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